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    The Barbara Fields Buying Office has been a leader in providing trend and buying direction to the nations' largest retailers for the past 30 years. A proven veteran, Barbara Fields employs targeted research and analysis of the fashion market place to provide retailers and manufacturers with precise and applicable information that generates optimum fiscal results.
    The customers benefit from company's timely reports on current retail trends, color forecasting and competitive shopping comparisons, which are gleaned from location specific retail analysis. Headquartered in the bustling fashion district of Los Angeles, Barbara Fields operates from within the California Market Center. The office is centrally located to key retail destinations, which facilitate the ongoing scouting of market direction and the newest trends. In order accurately gauge the pulse of each fashion season in the U.S., The Barbara Fields conducts world-wide research on social and cultural influences on apparel. She collects data from the markets of London, Barcelona and Harajuku district of Tokyo.  These in-depth reports highlight global trend direction and the direct impact that these will have upon American retail.
    The Barbara Fields Buying Office is a retail consulting firm that has continuously demonstrated a talent for success, due to a foundation of hard work, a knock for acquiring key information and insight, as well as commitment to building successful client relationships. While trends come and go, and the fashion market is a fickle enterprise, Barbara Fields Buying Office is a constant provider of concrete and invaluable data